You are a MAGNET!!!

You are a MAGNET

“You are a living magnet, drawing to yourself the people, the resources, and the ideas you need to fulfill what you expect. To the successful it is out of their faith, for others it is out of their fears. If you don’t like what you attract, don’t change what is coming towards you, change the magnet that is bringing those into your life.”

Scot Thomas Anderson

You will attract the people, the ideas, and the resources that go with your most dominant thoughts and expectations. Basically, whatever you really believe, your subconscious will work at brining you the tools you need to produce it. You are a living magnet. You attract the people, the ideas, and resources your need to accomplish the expectations you have set within you. Your expectations are bringing your life to you, just like a magnet. Whatever is in your subconscious mind, the most dominant thoughts, the expectations that you have, your mind will attract.

Your mind will attract the people you need, the finances you need, the ideas you need, to fulfill your expectations. If you expect a bad day, your mind will bring everything you need to fulfill that order. You expect a bad night with your spouse; serve it up hot, because here comes your order. If you change that and expect a great day, you get what you ordered. If you are full of fear about what the future holds, the future holds what your are afraid of. Fears are negative expectations. Your fears are attracting everything you need to produce what you fear in your life. They are producing. You need to get rid of every fear you have.

If you fear your business will go under, it will. But if you have a sense of confidence inside you, you begin to attract the people and the ideas you need. This does not mean your business is guaranteed to work, but it means that in the course of time, it seems like all of a sudden, you will have attracted the resources and ideas you need to catapult one of your businesses into success. It may be your first. It may be your seventh. But that confidence will bring success.

Your mind attracts what it needs to fulfill what is expected. What are you attracting in your life? What is the one thing you can change that will change what you attract?

Your Expectations! 


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