You Already Failed, If You Don’t Take Risks

He who is not courageous enough to take risks

will accomplish nothing in life.

-Muhammad Ali

Ask any billionaire how he got where he is today and he

will say, “Risks!” You cannot achieve success without

stepping out. We stay average because we play it safe.

Billionaires became wealthy because they stepped out and

took a chance. We say, “What if we fail?” Billionaires say,

“You fail if you don’t take a risk.”

Every billionaire has failed thousands of more times

than you and me. Most billionaires have gone bankrupt

at least one time, some multiple times. Most billionaires

have had more than three businesses go under. They have

lost millions of dollars in business ventures. Yet they are

billionaires today.

We, on the other hand, have never been bankrupt.

We have never lost a business. We have definitely never

lost a million dollars. Yet we struggle each month to just

pay the bills. What is the difference? RISKS!

Act! Action will delineate and define you.

-Thomas Jefferson

In one year, I have become a millionaire. How?

RISKS! I began to think like a billionaire concerning

risks, and it literally changed my life. Though people all

around me said, “Land is going to crash, don’t buy, don’t

step out,” I said, “If I don’t take a risk, I will never get

out of this financial situation.” Even if land does fail,

worst case, I get right back to where I am today. With this

knowledge, I will gain. I know if I keep trying, there will

come a point when I don’t fail.

Life is full of risks. We face them every day. If you

want to have any success in life, you have to be willing to try

some things, take a few chances and step into areas that are

new and often unfamiliar to you. Most people spend a lot of

time talking, but not much time doing. The wealthy don’t

think that way. They are willing to actually do something.

In all labor there is profit,

But idle chatter leads only to poverty.

(Proverbs 14:23)

You have to study and learn but you also have to

work and apply what you learn for success to happen. If

you just run your mouth and tell everybody that you do

want to be wealthy and that you are going to do so many

things, but you don’t follow through, it is just idle chatter

and it leads nowhere. You may know someone who has

been talking about the same great idea for the last ten to

twenty years and they are convinced how much prosperity

it will bring, but they continue

to do the same things in

life day after day. You catch

up to them twenty years later

and they have not changed

one bit.

He who risks and fails can be forgiven. He who

never risks and never fails is a failure in his

whole being.

-Paul Tillich

One of the principles that you have to commit to is

becoming a person of action. In life, everything we do that

has a reward to it also involves some risk. There is no reward

without risk.

You cannot go from crawling to walking without

the risk of falling down. When a baby decides that he

does not want to crawl for the rest of his life, he will keep

getting up and falling down until he learns how to walk.

He would not be rewarded with walking or running if he

did not take that risk.

If you want to date, you have to risk rejection and

ask somebody out first. It may take six or seven times before

someone says yes, but you will have your reward when

In life, everything we

do that has a reward

to it also involves

some risk.

If you want to date, you have to risk rejection and

ask somebody out fi rst. It may take six or seven times before

someone says yes, but you will have your reward when

In life, everything we

I had my heart broken many times before I met

Holly. I took risks so that one day I could get the reward.

You have to take risks to reap rewards. My oldest

son Laken learned how to use a skateboard. At first he

didn’t do anything risky. He just sat on it and rolled along.

Finally, he experimented with standing up. He was going

down the hill, doing different things, when the skateboard

flew out from under him and he skinned his elbow up. It

hurt pretty bad.

The next time out, he was sitting down on the skateboard,

thinking he was cool, until his friends came over and

they started doing tricks. Seeing his friends do amazing

things while he was trying to be impressive on his booty,

kicking one leg up, was not working for Laken. He fell

hard, but he wanted to have the reward of doing the things

his friends were doing. So he got up and tried again. He

has fallen several times since then but he dusts himself off

and keeps trying, which is what we need to do, too.

God wants you to get up and take some risks so He

can help you. His Word says that He will guide your steps

but He cannot guide your steps if you are sitting on your

behind. Step out and move a little and God can direct you

and guide you into some business deals and investments

that will gain great rewards.

You may make a mistake and not hear God’s voice

but it is just like falling off the skateboard. You have to pick

yourself up. Failing at something does not make you a failure

unless you stop trying. You need to step out again and

again, trusting God, who is your partner, until you succeed.



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