We think that if we could just get a better job, we

would be rich. What is funny is that if Trump lost his money,

I guarantee that finding a great job would not be his

priority. Trump would be looking for an investment.

The rich believe that your money should work

for you. We believe that we should work for

our money. We budget around our stuff .

“Oh, if I just had a better job. If I could just get that

promotion, I would be rich.”

No, you would make more money, but you would

not be rich. I know people who make six figure salaries

who, if they sold everything they have, would have a net

worth under a few hundred thousand dollars. Yes, they

have the big house, the big car, all the perks of life. Yet

they are not wealthy. I have seen it happen so many times

where a person making $200,000 a year loses the job and

loses everything. Sports stars, making millions a year,

end their careers and fi le bankruptcy. I have heard that

nearly 75% of all NFL football players claim bankruptcy

after they stop playing.

The wealthy saw their jobs as a tool to get money

to invest. We see our jobs as a tool to get money for

stuff. Think about it. You probably make $20,000 to

$30,000 more a year than you did ten years ago. Where

is the money? What did you do with last year’s $5,000

raise? Bigger TV? A boat? A car? Maybe you don’t

even know. Ten years ago, at the end of the month, after

paying all the bills, you had $37 left over. Today, when

you are making nearly twice as much, you have $37 left

over. Unless you change your thinking, ten years from

now, you will have $37 left over.

Unless we change our thinking, it will not

matter how much money we make. We will

never become wealthy.


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