Your Credit Score

Showing your integrity as a Christian is having

your yes be yes and your no be no. It means following

through on what you say and keeping your word. It means

living so that your word really is as good as gold. In business

and financial terms, it means that you make payments

on time and you do what you committed yourself to do.

You finish jobs on time and you do good work. It means

that you develop a good work ethic. You don’t come in

to work late. You don’t leave early and you do your best

while you are there.

What is your work ethic? Someone is paying you to

work. Are you giving 100% or do you take long lunches,

leave early and goof off? Understand that you are sowing

seed. One day in your business, you will reap a harvest.

Good character isn’t something you do when you feel like

it. It is something you live.

Starting today, you should give 110% on the job.

Your goal should be to make your boss successful. If you

are faithful where you are, God will find a way to raise you

up. If you give excellence when excellence isn’t needed,

life has a way of giving you excellent opportunities. If you

give average, expect average opportunities.

One way integrity shows up in your fi nances is in

the form of your credit score. A good credit report is vital

for business and investing. It is sad to me to think there

are Christians out there who do not have the integrity that

it takes to have a good credit report. Basically, when you

are taking out a loan, you are committing to do everything

in your power to make sure you pay what you owe every

single month. When you sign that contract, you are pledging

your word.

Your credit score reflects how well you kept your


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